Comeback. Accomplished. After an intense three-week journey upon Comeback Kitchen, a single previously ousted Food Network Star finalist claimed a crown tonight as well as secured a spot in a cast of Food Network Star, Season 12. With which coveted opportunity in hand, this person is set to begin yet an additional journey, this time to potential Stardom. We're about to discuss with a winner, so if we haven't watched a episode, do not read any serve yet."The decision we have to make here," Comeback Kitchen coach Tyler Florence pronounced during a finale deliberation, "is not who's starting to next Food Network Star though who could win it all." Ultimately Martita, a former finalist upon Season 8, was a culmination of a mentors' search, as she rose to a top to kick out runner-up Dom Tesoriero from Season 11. She showcased strong food as well as a dynamic energy upon camera, as well as right away she's ready for a hurdles which lie forward upon Food Network Star.Read upon next to listen to from Martita as she reflects upon this competition as well as looks forward to what's next upon Season 12.What was your reaction to hearing which you'd won Comeback Kitchen? Martita Jara: we told everyone upon day a single when we arrived upon Comeback Kitchen. we told wardrobe, we told makeup, we told a producers, we told a receptive to advice people, we told everyone. we was, like, Hey, guess what. Theyre like, What? we said, Im starting to win. Theyre like, "Oh, honey, how sweet." And theyre requesting my blush, "Oh, yeah, youre so cute." And each day we would discuss it them, "Im starting to win, Im starting to win." we only unequivocally believed we was starting to win. we knew everyone was unequivocally great we know they have been though no make a difference how great they are, Im regularly starting to be a little bit better, because we feel similar to we worked which much harder.What was a most appropriate square of feedback which Tyler as well as Valerie gave we which you'll be bringing with we into Food Network Star? MJ: Ill discuss it we what a biggest thing was which Tyler pronounced to me. He said, Martita, a world will know your name. And when he pronounced which to me we was similar to [sigh]. Ill discuss it you, it hasnt been easy these last couple of years. we mean, literally Ive only been scrounging, sometimes scrounging up only a couple of bucks here as well as there to compensate for a flight to go do a gig. Theyre not profitable me to uncover up; we have to pay, though we knew somehow it was starting to compensate off. we had to learn these skills, we had to improve, we had to get better. And when Tyler pronounced which to me, we was like, it was all value it. It was all value it.What was your biggest lesson learned from Comeback Kitchen? MJ: My biggest lesson, we think, is no make a difference how great we are, we can regularly be better, as well as so we loved which after each plea we was given records upon how to improve, as well as a some-more we know, a some-more we know we dont know. ... So no make a difference how great we are, we can regularly be better. Theres regularly room for improvement, as well as Im only perplexing to be improved each time.What was your biggest takeaway from your first Star season? MJ: My biggest takeaway was which we indispensable to do some-more work which we wasnt ready, as well as we indispensable to do some-more work. And thats exactly what we did.How do we think your in progress as well as presentation abilities have altered since then? MJ: Im only some-more secure in my cooking. ... Giada regularly [loved] my food Bobby, hed go check upon his team, as well as then hed come over as well as sample my food always, because hes unequivocally into those spicy flavors. And then you do Comeback Kitchen was only such validation for me which not only my food was good, because Tyler as well as Valerie couldnt stop eating it, though which work had paid off, which we had paid my impost as well as we was saying a results, as well as they saw a results. They were like, "Girl, youre ready." You know, Tyler each right away as well as then would say, You know, we did this unequivocally good, though we only need we to work upon this little thing. Listen. Thats what we regularly discuss it people: Listen to their notes, take it in, because theyre a experts. ... Theyre a professionals. So we only listen as well as we put it to use; we put it to work.What did we think of a turn of competition among your rivals upon Comeback Kitchen? MJ: we thought they were all very good. Obviously theyre all veterans, as well as theyve all a single after another to do this sort of work since their season wrapped, so theyve been training as well, though no one, from what we could see, no a single had done as much on-camera work as we have. Were all equally great chefs, though if we cant do it in front of a camera as well as we cant sell it to a people at home thats a whole point of this job, right?Tune in to Food Network Star upon Sundays at 9|8c.