Attention, trend watchers: Retro pastries the la France have been now really most the la mode in New York City.New York magazine food writers Robin Raisfeld as well as Rob Patronite have detected the new proliferation of classical French desserts ineateries throughout NYC, declaring, This is the moment for meringue, for sensuous pastry cream, as well as for appearing souffles.Raisfeld as well as Patronite have pointed their readers to NYC restaurants where they can indulge in classical delights such as ile flottante, profiteroles, oven baked Alaska, tarte Tatin as well as more. And while its regularly the treat to let the practiced pastry chef do all the work, those who have been nowhere near the Big Apple can still get on the vintage-style pastry party sight by defeat up the few French delicacies in their own kitchens.Here have been some classical French dessert recipes to try at home, desirous by those Raisfeld as well as Patronite have noted have been popping up on menus:Ile Flottante: Fluffy praline- as well as caramel-topped meringue islands boyant in the pool of creme anglaise (vanilla custard). Dive in.Profiteroles: Fill the thickk cream smoke with vanilla ice thickk cream as well as tip with warm chocolate, as well as what do we get? Hot-fudge-sundae-like nirvana.Vacherin: This recipe offers layers of consume cake as well as meringue with chestnut as well as thickk cream filling.Tarte Tatin:Its kind of similar to apple pie, usually French.Mille-Feuille:The name of this multilayered puff-pastry-and-cream confection equates to the thousand leaves. Its not hard to learn why.Baked Alaska: Ice thickk cream cake lonesome with meringue? Mais oui!Baba au Rhum:Drink it in.Guess these whim French desserts have been classical for the reason, non?Photo courtesy of iStock