In Heat 2 of his Cutthroat Kitchen: Time Warp Tournament,Alton Brown, aka Sgt.Pepper this week, as well as a decider of a day, Mr. Jet The Beat Tila, traveled back in time with a 4 inspired chef competitors for a taste of sabotages a la a 1960s. They rolled in to a locus not in a yellow submarine, though in a SS Mustard submarine, in that 3 of a 4 Round 1 chefs were forced to prep their joint party-punch as well as party-snack offerings. And when it came time to put their own spins upon a punch, they were met with yet another of a days sabotages: a now-infamous oversize gelatin mold.You competence want to take off your watch, Alton suggested a judge, who quickly knew what he was in for. Alton devised a devise for a guys in that he explained: You take your side. Ill take my side. And well just go for it. Indeed they went for it, as within seconds they managed to strip away a top layer of a mold as well as pick out necessary as well as not-so-necessary ingredients to qualification their punches. Unfortunately for Jet, he happened to grab a jar of preserved tuna, as well as Alton reminded him, If you got it, you have to use it. The judge, ever a great sport, realized his fate as well as put a smallest spoonfuls of tuna in to his smoothie. Lets just say a formula were such that its a great thing Smell-O-Vision isnt still around.Click a play button upon a video above to watch what happened when Alton as well as Jet tasted a judges tuna-fruit mixture, as well as see both guys in 60s-era getups.Tune in to Heat 3 of a Time Warp Tournament upon Wednesday at 9|8c.