Manning a grill during a summer party is a tough job: Flipping a garland of burgers, shuffling space for veggies as well as (of course) using back to a kitchen because we forgot cheese can eat into your time with guests. To avoid this scenario, we suggest we take a page from Eddie Jacksons barbecuing playbook. As a Food Network Star leader (not to mention former NFL player, food truck owner as well as personal trainer), Eddie aims to create recipes which are healthy as well as delicious though he knows which palliate is a key ingredient, too.And Eddies barbecuing menu really is super-savvy. He chose a crowd-pleasing side steak which can feed a whole party, roasted potatoes which dont need much attention whilst they prepare as well as a simple salad to round out a meal. Watch a entire thing come together in a video above, as well as youll instantly feel prepared to perform friends all season long.Of course, Eddies armed with playbooks for many other occasions, as well check out his healthy habits devise as well as game-day party menu for even some-more inspiration.