What the mash-up of an episode! A plea where the dear Food Network Star finalists work in pairs? Fun, right? Just censor behind your teammate if your food or display is weak. That sounds good, right? Hmmm. Maybe. If we haven't seen the premiere episode yet, we're about to mangle down each finalist's performance, so don't review any further until we watch.It turns out which plan wouldn't last for long, as in the Star Challenge, Rev Ren's throwdown pitted formerly paired finalists against possibly other. Lets accentuate the positive in the face of all this pressure: The contestants can make use of their in progress to express themselves. They can make use of the good bite of food as well as the couple of moments of freestyling in front of the throng to hone their skills as food stars. Keep in thoughts which when we shoot the in progress show, there is rarely an assembly (other than the TV crew), as well as there is no immediate feedback for what we have been doing. This plea presents the throng of hungry, excited people who WANT to be upon your side as well as wish we to succeed! The challenge: Take dual classic dishes, tacos as well as clam chowder, for example, as well as whip up the hybrid plate as well as make use of your display to compel the assembly to eat yours as well as not your teammate's offering. we dont know whats scarier: the unhappy look from Giada De Laurentiis or Bobby Flay; overcooked, underseasoned or dry food; or an assembly of eaters which competence not eat your dish. With the fun as well as witty Rev Run as guest judge, this plea gets right to the core of each contestant. Rev is so relaxed in front of the camera. we wish it were simpler to only rip the page from his playbook. we mean, what would we do under pressure? Youre holding the signature plate we created, as well as your every move determines whether we convince or dissuade the throng (and judges) to eat it.Heres what we find interesting: From where we sit, its in all clear which chairman in each twin has the stronger mash-up dish. The opening is key to making the throng wish to eat as well as similar to the weaker dish. If we consider the fact which America does not ambience the in progress in any in progress show, the appetite of warning the present of chit-chat becomes critical. Here have been six important pitfalls to avoid upon the road to becoming the Food Network Star.1. Giada says the simplest as well as smartest the single to Erin: Never let em see we sweat." Because Erin doesnt get the salsa upon her plate before the clock runs out, she is also unable to censor her beating when offered her dish. Forgot the sauce? Left the beans out of your bean soup? Left the chocolate out of your chocolate cake? Keep ease as well as carry on. The recipe, as well as the dish, can be fixed later. People changing the channel upon you? That cant be fixed. While Erin's partner, Martita, didnt actually achieve what the judges call the successful meatloaf-pad thai mash-up, she did win for tasty food as well as the stronger presentation.2. While the expression we eat with the eyes first is the true statement, we also eat with the mouths as well as ambience buds. Make certain your food tastes as good as it looks! All the ladies flock to Damianos table to ambience his pasta-inspired clam chowder taco, as well as the season was there. Joy knocked it out of the park with her swat as well as dance moves, but Damiano edged her out with good taste. This is the competitive field! Taste is regularly the diversion changer.3. If we wish to make people hungry, make certain we report your food. Ana creates the beautiful chicken burger with prosciutto as well as the side of paella for her mash-up. This lady can cook, no doubt about it. On the alternative end of the spectrum, Melissa creates the brownish-red rice burger with tomatoes (though the tomatoes never happened). These dishes could not be some-more different interpretations of the mash-up! Melissa comes out of the gate gangbusters with the swat as well as the rhyme about her burger, but watery tomatoes make her album sales weak. Ana didn't bond upon her food description, but her solid in progress warranted her the victory.4. Define who we are, but dont put all your eggs in too small the basket. It has been over 30 seconds since we talked about meat," frets Aaron as he chats up the throng with his tasty-looking bacon Pho as well as Asian fried chicken. Aaron hesitates when he talks to the crowd. And which hurts when Rob steps to the mic as well as delivers an exciting description of his dish. we longed for to eat Robs fried chicken with honeyed as well as sharp pho sauce. (How can we unequivocally go wrong if we make fried chicken for the crowd?) Rob finishes with the witty pho you! to Aaron. A little humor regularly gives the competitor the edge so does the tasty dish. Both looked great, but Rob edged Aaron out.5. Dont undervalue your passion for cooking, as well as have the courage to share it. Monterey creates an interesting mash-up of macaroni as well as cheese as well as gyros with her mac as well as cheese spaghetti with lamb. And she runs her display similar to the high-school pep rally. She uses questions to engage the throng as well as get everybody revved up with somewhat mixed results. The appetite is there, but the passion she has to share only doesnt seem to shine through. Jernard arrives with his lamb (and yogurt) macaroni as well as cheese with dill, as well as he gets right to describing his food. It sounds similar to the seduction dinner with an R-rated description of his ingredients. He slows down to report every component in his food. Guess what? Its Food Network as well as food talk works! What do we think happened? The throng flocked to Jernard, who ran away with the win.6. Have fun with it! If youre not carrying fun, your viewers probably arent carrying fun either. Chef Yaku says he's fighting the fleek of his difficult teammate, Tregaye. This twin is strong. Yaku as well as Tregaye get along unequivocally well, so its difficult to imagine them competing against each other. Yaku vows which Tregayes Fleekettes will shortly be changed to Yakus Beardettes (wha?) with his chili cheese dog sushi roll. Yes, we only said chili cheese dog sushi hurl (and apparently the throng thought it was unequivocally tasty). Yaku achieved the near unfit by making the deep-fried plate which reminded people of sushi impressive. Tregayes clever display was underscored by her tasty chili cheese hand roll. While Im certain both tasted great, hers seemed to remind the judges less of sushi. In essence, this was the photo finish as well as both emerged successful. These dual have been difficult to beat.After the smoke clears at the "street-battle" tasting, dual of the finalists in the mash-up duos have baked their last dish.The hapless losers have been Aaron, who exited by observant mentors, suck it, as well as Melissa. Please find my pizza slices as well as suggested toppings for each competitor as they go upon upon the road to Food Network Stardom. Pizza as well as the topping need to be the good mash-up, as well as this field is getting narrower as well as tougher each week.It's time for some common (pizza) pie all around as well as the next challenge.