This week upon Foodie Call, Justin takes us (and David LaForce, senior manager chef during El Vez as well as leader of NYChiliFest 2016) back home, home upon a range, with a chili desirous by cowboys. Justin thinks he can impress a chili hold up with a recipe which operates roughly like a magic trick.Justins chili brick relies upon a conventions of life upon a trail without, we know, a refrigerator. By preserving mixture in suet (yes, a fat we might find in birdseed), 19th-century cowboys made portable, shelf-stable bricks of chili which could be sliced as well as hydrated in a cast-iron skillet. Justins chronicle gets a little extra assistance from a emulsifier xanthan gum, as well as we dont even have to be an outdoorsy person to enjoy it. Watch some-more episodes of Foodie Call as well as see Justins dramatic culinary transformations here.