This week on Foodie Call, Justin considers a common chickpea. The teeny bean is a consequential ingredient in many Middle Eastern dishes, so youd consider it wouldnt necessarily impress Chef Einat Admony, owner of 3 eminent Mediterranean restaurants in New York City. And yet, with a riff on pizza in his back pocket, Justin does it.Blending fresh chickpeas in to flour creates a hearty base for a pancake-like plate called socca or in Justins case, a membrane for his chickpeazza. Many some-more of Einats favorite dishes (eggplant, olives, sumac) become a toppings, spread opposite a normal bed of tomato salsa as well as mozzarella. By a time theyre slicing a pizza, both of them have been super-excited as well as Einat starts taking records for her next brunch menu addition. Watch some-more episodes of Foodie Call as well as see Justins dramatic culinary transformations here.