Picnic food presents a singular challenge: You need a menu which is simply portable, can survive a bit of a journey as well as be stretchable underneath less-than-ideal conditions (i.e., distant from your air-conditioned kitchen). These recipes check all of those boxes though have been distant some-more surprising than turkey sandwiches as well as chips we indicate we set your #picnicgoals way, approach higher.Your goal: Satisfy similar to a steakhouse.Make this: Steak as well as Horseradish Pressed Sandwich (above)This sandwich gets wrapped in vellum as well as pulpy to melded-flavor perfection creation it perfect for an on-the-go meal. Plus, its super-hearty; all of your a a single preferred steakhouse flavors fit inside of a fritter of rye bread.Your goal: Bring a watermelon.Make this: Jicama as well as Watermelon SaladLugging a giant melon (plus a blade big sufficient to cut it) to a play ground is no, um, picnic. But we can make a ultimate summer fruit some-more manageable by creation forward of time Bobby Flays salad, which gets extra break from jicama.Your goal: Pack up a griddle (without, we know, essentially make-up up a grill).Make this: Summer Layered Salad with Grilled Chicken as well as Tomato VinaigretteLayered salads have been innately packable, as well as this a single maintains its hazed charred flavor even after its chilled. So we can do all a prep during homeand skip a hassle of toting a mini griddle to a park.Your goal: Layer on tons of flavor.Make this: Picnic in a JarMelissa dArabian proves which even a well-rounded dish can fit in a jar. Rice, chickpeas, eggplant as well as a bunch of punchy spices fill handy single-serving containers, as well as we wont need to crowd your basket with plates or a portion spoon.Your goal: Keep things crunchy.Make this: Black Bean as well as Corn SaladTis a season for all a freshness nature can offer, though usually sturdy veggies can stand up to being dressed well in advance of a meal. The solidified corn in Rachael Rays recipe even helps chill this salad as it defrosts.Your goal: Pack a pie.Make this: Cherry Hand PiesLugging an complete Thanksgiving-sized pie to your picnic spot is likely not practical. But this hand-held chronicle is only as delicious, requires 0 utensils to eat as well as is only plain fun.Your goal: Go bolder than cold cuts.Make this: Fried Chicken SandwichesThese insanely good (trust us) duck sandwiches have been distant superior to any takeout option, even when wrapped in foil to eat outside.