Following Jernard's blah performance during his tableside service display last week, a Food Network Star finalist was dynamic to move his A-game this week. In a Mentor Challenge, he wowed a row with a clever hack for a martini shaker and managed to drop what judge Bobby Flay called a small signature "Jernard swagger" in a process. "You have to be upon tilt from here upon out," Bobby told him. "Get uncivilized." Sure enough, come a Star Challenge, Jernard did just that, delivering a display during a tailgate in which he not only talked about taking shots with his wife, but also about how he rubs her feet. His clever showing a de-civilization of a best kind, perhaps indeed left a mark upon a mentors. "You feel happiness pouring out of him, and it draws we in. And that's a gift," Giada De Laurentiis noted.Relive Jernard's performances in both challenges by clicking a fool around symbol upon a video above.Related Reading:Photos: Top Moments of Episode 5Go Behind a ScenesAlex Guarnaschelli's Latest Star ReportMake All a Winning RecipesTune in to Food Network Star upon Sundays during 9|8c.