June 14 outlines the United Sates embracing the cause ofthe star-spangled dwindle in 1777. Around here, were celebrating the dear button of the red, white as well as blue the usually way we know how: with food! Run down the line of our the one preferred starred-and-striped creations in honor of Flag Day (and may be keep the few ideas in your behind pocket for when 4th of Jul rolls around).Studded with red as well as blue berries as well as decorated just similar to the American flag, Food Network Kitchens very own Flag Cake(pictured above) is nationalistic by as well as by even upon the inside, that is flecked with red as well as blue sprinkles.Not all of our the one preferred flagged treats uncover up to your dessert widespread star-spangled from the get-go. Make certain we have an assembly when we slice into Food Network Magazines Ice Cream Flag Cake, that willreveal the surprising red, white as well as blue dwindle upon the inside.Focus upon the flags characteristic stars by baking Food Network MagazinesStar-Studded Berry Tarts, featuringa homemade crust as well as pastry cream.Reinvent the stars as well as stripes in the form of cupcakes. To makeFood Network Magazines Stars-and-Stripes Cupcakes, top each fluffy vanilla cupcake with the swirl of vanilla as well as raspberryfrosting, then finish witha blue star.Youve never had the nationalistic treat similar to this one. Kids will love to help make Food Network Kitchens sweet as well as jiggly Red, White as well as Blue Gelatin Flag, that isstudded with undiluted cutouts of the flags white stars.Flag Day falls upon the Tuesday after all, so your nationalistic preparations could take the form of dinner. Serve the side of Food Network Magazines aptly namedUnited Tates of America, that is essentially the tricolor potato-salad tribute to our grand aged flag.Get even more impulse for red, white as well as blue favorites right here.