Embrace good fatsIs it eventually time to stop fearing all fats? The low-fat direction already underneath fire just took another strike from science. Researchers in Spain have resolved which all fats are not combined equal as good as which some will not lead to poignant weight gain, regardless of calorie content. The investigate tracked 7,447 prime men as good as women over 5 years as good as found which those who were put upon the Mediterranean diet with lots of uninformed fruits, veggies as good as lean proteins, as good as olive oil as good as nuts without calorie restrictions mislaid the bit some-more weight than those who were assigned the low-fat diet with no restrictions in their caloric intake.Sugar addictionWe all know what sugarine does to the waistline, but what about the effect upon the brain? Dr. Nicole Avena, the neuroscientist during New York Citys Mt. Sinai Hospital as good as author of the book Why Diets Fail, explains in the Reuters video which eating honeyed foods activates ambience receptors in the tongue which send signals to the brain stem as good as afterwards upon to alternative areas of the brain, including those compared with reward as good as reinforcement. So when we eat the bite of something which tastes sweet, it can release dopamine in these wish centers in the brain, she says, as good as thats what leads us to wish to consume some-more as good as some-more of it. Recent research indicates which sugarine can actually act similar to the drug of abuse upon your brain, Avena notes. For sugarine addicts, thats probably not surprising during all.Running dontsDedicated runners who still cant conduct to shed those extra pounds or who find themselves actually gaining the bit of weight may wish to check out this list of 5 common using mistakes, compiled by U.S. News as good as World Report: 1. Dont over-fuel with tons of sports drinks as good as gels. (Too most calories.) 2. Dont overconsume food. (Again with the calories.) 3. Dont stop moving when youre not running. (Ditch the post-run nap.) 4. Dont rest upon using as your sole form of aerobic exercise. (Challenge your body; switch it up the bit.) 5. Dont forget to give yourself the break. (Take one day off the week!)Amy Reiter is the writer as good as editor based in New York. A regular writer to The Los Angeles Times, she has also created for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Glamour, Marie Claire, The Daily Beast as good as Wine Spectator, between others, as good as for Salon, where she was the longtime editor as good as senior writer. In addition to contributing to Healthy Eats, she blogs for Food Networks FN Dish.