Its which time of year again! Thats right, tonight (9|8c) outlines a lapse of Food Network Star. Season 12 promises fierce competition, crazy challenges as well as a best contestants yet. And to add to a excitement, coach Giada De Laurentiis is receiving over Food Networks Snapchat Discover.For 24 hours only, we can get totally exclusive content to get we prepped for this season. Weve got a special Q&A with Giada, a one-on-one tutorial for a single of her favorite recipes as well as theaudition tapes of this years contestants. So yeah, youre starting to wish to see this.Go now! As always, this takeover will vanish from a Food Network Snapchat channel during a finish of a day as well as be replaced with brand-new content.New to Discover? Let us guide you. Open your Snapchat app, swipe right twice (past a camera as well as Stories page), as well as find a orange Food Network icon as well as youre there!