Ketchup fans, you feel you. Theres indeed the time as well as the place for thatclassic condiments. But this isnt it during least not right now. On this mornings brand-new part of The Kitchen, the cast shared the duo of hot-dog makeovers just in time for summer, that is(hopefully) upon itsway.While Jeff Mauro opted for the tried-and-true hot-dog bottom as well as dressed-up toppings, Geoffrey Zakarian went so far as to swap out the normal dog in preference of the robust Polish kielbasa. Read upon next to see how they do it.Jeffs Sonoran-Style Hot Dogs, inspired by those popular in Mexico, starts with the normal dog, that is wrapped in bacon for extra hazed flavor as well as grilled until the bacon turns crispy. For the most flavor in each bite, he nestles the hot dog atop the refried-bean-slathered bun, then adds fixing after fresh fixing think herb-laced mayo, creamy avocado as well as sour pickled jalapeno for confidant results. Its like Mexico in the hot dog, Marcela Valladolid told Jeff.In honor of GZs Polish heritage, he showcased his Spicy Kielbasa Dog with Stout Onions, that can be upon the list in the hurry. The pass to his dogs is slicing them down the middle to create two prosaic sides; that will allow for the most coverage upon the grill.He creates the sweet-savory mash-up by portion the sausages upon the toasted bun with beer-simmered onions, bright peppers as well as plenty of spicy whole-grain mustard for subtle texture.Tune in to The Kitchen upon Saturdays during 11a|10c.