Heres the thing about burgers: Even when theyre ready to go down, with just the luscious patty as well as the slice of gooey cheese, theyre pretty satisfying. Extremely satisfying, actually. But when we dress them up with confidant ingredients, the flavors as well as textures are intensified, making them all the some-more craveworthy. On this mornings mint episode of The Kitchen,the cast showed off two new takes upon burgers the single classical as well as the alternative creative. Both of them will keep we entrance back for some-more all summer long. See next how the co-hosts did it.Katie Lees My Best Burger lives up to its name. This tried-and-true between-the-bun origination is her signature for the reason:Its juicy, meaty as well as rich, as well as delivers the joy we crave. Her secret is to begin with the brisket-chuck meat blend as well as afterwards season it with garlic powder for the savory base. As shes griddling the patties, she blankets them with the twin of cheese slices cheddar as well as American which together promise melty, creamy results. Once the burgers are set, its all about the toppings, as well as for Katies, simplicity reigns supreme. Think onions, lettuce as well as tomatoes, plus crisp pickles as well as the smear of mayo.Not the single to back away from next-level creations, Jeff Mauro introduced his Triple Cheese Griddle Burgers with Crispy Cherry Peppersthis morning, as well as as we can discuss it from the picture above, these beauties are piled tall with flavor as well as not the single but 3 patties. By gently outstanding the patties as they cook, Jeff guarantees the crispy membrane upon them (and we know that those crispy bits equal confidant taste). He covers each with the slice of white American cheese, afterwards assembles the burgers upon buttered buns. For his toppings, he balances bright, sour pickled cherry peppers with the brilliance of his 18,000 Island Dressing, the mayo-based widespread laced with pickled jalapenos as well as ketchup.Tune in to The Kitchen upon Saturdays at 11a|10c.