It was only a single year ago which Eddie Jackson was in Food Star Kitchen, battling 11 alternative hopeful rivals with a goal of earning a coveted title of Food Network Star. Now, with which victory secured, he's returning to this hallowed arena, this time not as a finalist though as a decider of Star Salvation. Yesterday we chatted with his fellow judge, Alex Guarnaschelli, in an exclusive interview. Now we're bringing we a one-on-one chat with Eddie. Find out what it's similar to for him to return to where it all started as well as get his thoughts upon a vigour competitors face during this stage of their journey.What's it similar to to be behind in Food Star Kitchen, where your own Star journey began only a single year ago? Eddie Jackson: we got to be honest, its weird. When we walked into a kitchen we almost ... had a mental relapse since we thought about all a stress as well as stuff which we had to go to only to win, as well as its only been a year, so, we know, its still fresh in my mind. So we got to admit: Its a small awkward coming behind in since Im freshly private from a competition. But during a same time Im only privileged as well as unequivocally honored to be giving these eliminated finalists any recommendation which we can.Does a actuality which youve participated in Food Network Star as well as which we know improved than anyone what it takes to do this pursuit change a way we judge? Maybe a small more harshly? EJ: You know, we wouldnt contend which my experience upon a uncover would allow me to decider them more harshly. we only consider which we know what Im talking about. You know what we mean? You know, we was there, we was ... in your shoes, as well as we was not only in your shoes, though we was in your shoes unequivocally recently. So we know all which youre feeling. we know all a things thats starting by your head, so Im starting to give we every bit of recommendation which we possibly can since we know. we was there.Knowing what we know now, meditative behind to what we were similar to upon day a single of Star, how would we insist a growth? What do we wish we had known then, if we had a crystal ball as well as we could have seen where youd be? EJ: The thing which Ive schooled right away is to regularly emanate a nice balance. A nice sense of ease though during a same time we want to be fun, we want to be energetic, we want to be yourself. And we consider if we had had which knowledge during a unequivocally commencement of a competition, we could have breezed through. But nobody gets it upon a first try. Its all about hearing as well as error, as well as by my experience in a past year, we know, doing alternative shows, Ive schooled to regularly emanate which balance as well as only regularly let yourself gleam through.Whats your biggest square of been-there-done-that recommendation which we can suggest a finalists? EJ: My biggest bit of been-there-done-that advice, we would have to contend as well as we keep saying this as well as this is something which we feel similar to we do unequivocally well however we am off a camera, when Im only unresolved out, is exactly how we am upon a camera. Its not similar to [I] turn it upon or turn it off; its regularly on. Its a single of those things which we possibly have it or we dont.That's been your biggest pass to success? EJ: we consider which is my biggest pass to success, is only regularly staying true to myself as well as being myself as well as not perplexing to be something which Im not. Im not starting to be Alex Guarnaschelli. Im only starting to be Eddie Jackson since thats who we am, as well as thats what we bring to a table.Whats a biggest square of recommendation which youve received, possibly from Bobby as well as Giada final year or only elsewhere in a business thats unequivocally helped we excel? EJ: we consider a biggest bit of recommendation Ive been since is only final year upon Food Network Star we was in a bottom, as well as Bobby Flay looked during me as well as was similar to ... youre an amazing cook, only be yourself. And he said a food will take caring of itself. And we was as well busy perplexing to have certain which we was perplexing to get a dish right, perplexing to get things perfect which it was sort of holding me behind from being myself since we was so disturbed about alternative things. ... He only told me which let yourself gleam as well as a food will take caring of itself 'cause we obviously can prepare as well as we did that, as well as a sky was a limit after that.What is it similar to working with Alex? A year ago she was judging you. EJ: You know what, working with Alex ... shes an Iron Chef. Just a actuality which Im here, alongside her, being a coach is something which we regularly look brazen to something which we wanted to get to. That was a single of a reasons which we came to Food Network, so which we could be working palm in palm with these amazing chefs from across a world, as well as right away Im here as well as Ive made it. And any recommendation which we can give to these finalists to help them get where Im at, Im starting to do it.What do we need to see in them in conditions of camera skills as well as in progress chops in sequence to find your winner? EJ: we consider which what were looking for is which a single chairman which as shortly as we see them, as shortly as they open their mouth, they pop. Because we consider which thats what a star is all about, we know. Ive been by a competition, so we unequivocally know what it takes, as well as we consider which a most-important thing for me is starting to be able to see which a single of these finalists is starting to only pop as shortly as they open their mouth. As shortly as we see their food, Im like, "Thats a one."Everyone whos competing has had a bad day, possibly in a kitchen or upon camera. Somewhere theres been a flop. Which partial of a pursuit do we consider is harder: mastering a in progress or presenting effortlessly? EJ: Without a disbelief we consider which its hard to master a on-camera part. Because everybody here, we know theyre chefs as well as theyve been in progress pretty much their total lives. They didnt only start in progress right before this show, so we know they know how to cook. But a thing is, to be able to take which as well as present it upon camera, whether youre talking or in progress during a same time, thats starting to be a key: Who can do it in front of a camera?So many finalists let nerves get a improved of them. Do we have any recommendation for finalists in conditions of putting them aside as well as removing a pursuit done? EJ: One tip which we would give for anybody thats carrying haughtiness issues is to only literally relax, youre here for a reason. You can cook, we have a personality or else we wouldnt have been chosen to be upon a show. And only be yourself. We contend it time as well as time again to only be yourself, though people dont realize how easy it is if we only relax, take a deep breath, as well as only tighten your eyes, so to speak, as well as only imagine which youre unresolved around with your boys as well as your family. And we consider thats something. If they do that, theyll be OK.How would we insist a kind of do-or-die vigour finalists have been feeling right now? EJ: Its do or die during this point, so my philosophy would be to only let it all hang out. we mean, only go all out. we consider thats a single of those things we have to do in this foe since we have nothing left to remove during this point. Youve already been eliminated ... so theres no need to play it safe. Put yourself out there when we get in front of which camera, go for it, like, unequivocally go for it, high energy. we mean, we have nothing else to lose. So which would be a small bit of recommendation we would give all these eliminated finalists.What's your mentoring strategy? Do we have a specific type of approach we similar to to have use of to inspire finalists? EJ: My approach is starting to be taking my practice from a uncover since we know what it took for me to win. So Im starting to give them which advice, all which we know in myself which we had to do to win, we know: being myself, regularly smiling upon camera, creating a indicate of view as well as sticking to it, as well as only carrying fun upon camera. You know, a single of a biggest things which we schooled how to do was to have fun upon camera since thats who we am naturally, as well as we feel similar to a lot of times people have been scared to be themselves upon camera, so thats a bit of recommendation Im starting to give them.Everyone here wants a pursuit of a Food Network Star. How would we insist what which pursuit is unequivocally like, right away which youre living it? EJ: Its tough as well as its fun during a same time. ... Youre a Star now, as well as theres a integrate of things which we have to understand when we become a subsequent Food Network Star, is all eyes have been upon you, so we have to have certain that, we know, when youre out in public, people have been starting to commend you. So we want to have certain which youre being respectful to people because, during a end of a day, its only not about we its about a total brand during Food Network. And we consider thats very, unequivocally key, is only to have certain which youre regularly showing a most appropriate side of yourself since youre representing something thats much larger than yourself. And then, we know, youre starting to be put to work; youre partial of Food Network, as well as Food Network is a mecca when it comes to food, as well as youre starting to be traveling a lot. And only understand which if this is something we really, unequivocally want, youre starting to have to put in a bid as well as a time after we win to basically take yourself to a subsequent level.Star Salvation premieres Sunday night, immediately following a end of a new part of Food Network Star, which front during 9|8c.