If youre headed to a cookout this weekend, dont even think about showing up empty-handed. When selecting a plate to take, however, there have been a few criteria which must be met to have transporting as well as serving a breeze.Rule #1: Bring your plate in a same vessel youll serve it in.Dont take a bag of salad greens, then ask your host for a serving bowl, as well as dont take a baked sweat bread as well as ask for a stand. Pack up everything in (or take along) whatever you need to serve your dish. (Label anything youd similar to back, or use disposable platters as well as bowls.) Bonus points if you take disposable serving utensils.Ina Gartens Crunchy Noodle Salad + More Summer Party AppetizersRule #2: Room heat is best.Your hosts have been entertaining, so their fridge as well as freezer have been substantially pressed to maximum capacity. Dont highlight them serve by asking them to have space for your dish. Side dishes similar to potato salad fit a bill, as do many desserts.6 Packable Picnic DessertsRule #3: Choose a plate with staying power.When you arrive at a cookout, theres no knowing whether dinner will be served in 20 minutes or dual hours. Take a plate which can sit out for a bit. Trisha Yearwoods Broccoli Salad gets better as it marinates, as docoleslawsandmany pasta salads.45 Summer Cookout Salad RecipesRule #4: Dont forget special sauces, dressings or garnishes though pack smart.Some dishes only cant be entirely assembled in advance, as well as thats OK. For a plate similar to this Bruschetta, which competence get slimy or fall apart in transit, have a toasts as well as tomato mixture at home; pack them separately in disposable baggies or containers. At a party, simply put out a toasts (on a platter you brought, of course!) as well as top them right on a buffet.75 Summer Appetizers (Including Tomato Bruschetta)Rule #5: When in doubt, bring homemade dip.Theres a reason why this party classical is tried-and-true: Its easy to transport, easy to serve as well as easy to clean up. Its only not a party without chips as well as dip!White Bean Dip with Pita, Plus 11 More Super Summer DipsWhat do you similar to to take to summer parties? Tell us in a comments.