What's more nerve-racking than live TV? On Food Network, you can handily say, not much. You have the mistake, you miss the line, you do not report your food ... guess what? You do not get the second chance. It's out there forever, as well as you do not consider the Food Network Star finalists are ready for writing their story in indelible ink. Food Network is an ever-changing hotbed of in progress trends as well as brand new ingredients.For the initial challenge, Bobby Flay as well as Giada De Laurentiis divide the superfluous nine finalists in to 3 groups of three. Ana, Erin as well as Rob plunge in to the hot list of brand new artificial flavouring as well as ingredients, whilst Jernard, Yaku as well as Monterey are in the "Frugal Is Fashionable" dialect as well as prepare with the apportionment of mixture you Americans competence commonly chuck away, such as broccoli stems, cauliflower cores as well as stems. The third team, comprised of Damiano, Joy as well as Tregaye, has to prepare the total plate upon the single piece pan.The impulse of truth?Entertainment Tonight stars Kevin Frazier as well as Nancy O'Dell take the finalists by their live segments, asking questions as well as commenting as they go. Erin doesn't discuss it us what miso is, Rob seems amused as well as Ana melts down in silence.Live TV is tougher than you think! Tregaye as well as Damiano manage to movement through, as well as Joy unequivocally shines. Joy engages Nancy as well as Kevin as she takes them by her dish. Joy is also able to bond hold up knowledge to her food, as well as it creates all the difference. On the highway to Food Network stardom, your real hold up in in progress perfectly becomes the single with the viewers. Jernard playfully discusses replacing basil with alternative greens in pesto. Great thought as well as it's utterly the attainment to give solid in progress tips under such pressure. you only worry that Jernard has the shtick that prevents viewers from joining with his authentic self. Monterey smartly links food as well as her credentials in fashion with the juicy cauliflower dish, as well as Yaku's broccoli stem work is beautiful as well as inspiring. Yaku is tearing the page from Bobby's playbook: If you know how to cook, bond with the assembly by regulating that skill. Jernard, Monterey as well as Yaku handily win the challenge, as well as they all turn group captains for the Star Challenge.The challenge? Room use for VIPs.Cooking for anonymous, upscale, perceptive clients in the hotel, the 3 captains collect their own teammates. As Jernard, Monterey as well as Yaku have their choices, Ana is "the last the single picked," Rob observes. Not the great feeling. We've all been the last the single standing for dodgeball, as well as this isn't much different than the exposed impulse in the high-school gym. When finalists clarity weakness, they pounce.Jernard, Rob as well as Joy have the clever contingent here as well as so do their "Afternoon Tea" dishes: crab rangoon (Jernard), lobster salad sandwich (Rob) as well as the roasted vanilla bean baked sweat bread (Joy). Yum. you wish this menu whilst lounging in the smooth road house robe, for sure!Yaku, Tregaye (those dual seem to hang together) as well as Damiano have the "Honeymooner's Holiday" menu with shrimp (Tregaye), surf as well as turf (Yaku), as well as the smoke pastry gelatodessert spectacular (Damiano).Lots of heart-shaped foods (fillet, smoke pastry) reinforce their theme, as do their prosperous part choices: crab, lobster, smoke pastry. you consider the honeymoon thesis competence have given the small of the strongest contenders the slight advantage.Monterey, Erin as well as Ana are tasked with in progress the sauna menu. The headliners: crab as well as lobster (Monterey), white chocolate mint mousse (Erin), as well as salmon with guava (Ana). They have 45 minutes to prepare these dishes. While in progress light for sauna menus can be tricky, it can also yield an value when the judges enjoy lighter fare in the midst of all that eating. It's the subtle advantage, for sure.So this plea is all easy, right?A small as well easy?Yes.Cue the unknown as well as perceptive room use client: Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family. With Giada as well as Bobby present, he calls dual of the teams (mid cooking!) as well as creates the array of last-minute changes to their dishes. Jernard's crab? Can't be fried. Rob's sandwich? Can't be upon pumpernickel bread. Joy's vanilla cake? Has to be dual flavors not only the single flavor of cake. Oof.The redirect? Brilliant. Jernard bakes his rangoon, Rob turns his sandwich in to the lighter lettuce wrap, as well as Joy creates both lemon as well as vanilla cakes. Becoming the Food Network Star definitely includes bettering to change upon the fly. you honestly adore the thought of the lettuce hang for lobster. It feels similar to something you would eat poolside during the hotel. you only wonder if Joy's lemon baked sweat bread will obscure the pleasing vanilla flavor. Jesse continues his playful reign of room use terror by calling the sauna group as well as saying that he is allergic to shellfish (Monterey changes her sort of fish), asking to remove guava (Ana brilliantly subs in figs) as well as requesting no chocolate in the trifle (Erin subs in almond). The alternative warn room use client, Hannah Hart, calls the "Honeymooner's Holiday" group members as well as informs them that the surf as well as turf contingency have no red beef (Yaku subs in chicken), the shrimp contingency have Mexican flair (Tregaye subs in the particular cilantro) as well as the gelato has to be made without any dairy (Damiano daringly shifts to the last-minute liquid nitrogen sorbet). While the finalists brilliantly adapt as well as have pleasing as well as tasty-looking food, you honestly couldn't predict the winning team.Some weak dishes, the small weaker presentations left me confused about the tip dog here. Joy, for example, says she is "as shaken as the cat upon the porch full of rocking chairs," as well as it shows.Rob's use of lettuce instead of pumpernickel bread creates his pleasing lobster sandwiches literally fall apart when the judges collect them up. Just when you decide group "Afternoon Tea" competence arise victorious, Jernard's plate is deemed complicated as well as his rangoon lacks filling. So you put my money upon group spa, as well as Erin's runny mousse dessert creates me consider twice. Team "Honeymooner's Holiday"you competence contend won? Me too. Except Yaku's lobster is raw. Le sigh. If you viewers can't peg the winners, how can the judges? Food Network is the tapestry of personalities. With only nine (soon to be eight) superfluous in this competition, you am starting to see the thesis with the judges' comments.The tip three: Tregaye is coming in to her own, Ana's clever in progress is gripping her afloat as well as Damiano is winning people over with the gnocchi-camper-Italian-farm-hand(?!) look. Erin, Joy as well as Monterey do not get much feedback. you consider Joy is strong, as well as Erin is so fun, though you wish to see her range stretch beyond muffins, cupcakes as well as mousse. And Monterey only needs to take the array of low breaths. The bottom 3 surprises me: Jernard, the wordsmith, for sure, though can you get to his real-life vibe? Yaku is such the clever chef, beautiful as well as resourceful, though his lobster is raw! Rob's unfortunate change from pumpernickel to lettuce turns his plate in to the flop! It's the small, dear choice.Yaku is sent packing, that is the shame because you consider he is unequivocally coming onto his own. That same predestine will be loyal for seven alternative finalists. Their only hope after that is Star Salvation (watch the first part now!). The web array Star Salvation kicks off with the Southerner Havird facing off against the cantankerous "meat man" Aaron as well as Yaku. And when the smoke clears in the few weeks, the Star Salvation victor will re-enter the foe for that second chance during Food Network Star. In the meantime, I'm headed for the kitchen to container the gnocchi picnic for my camping outing as well as the small miso cupcakes for breakfast!Bonus: Here's my latest blueprint of the finalists re-imagined as food. This time, it's all about unfeeling personalities.