Numbers play a key role in a Olympics codifying a scores, a rankings as well as so most more. Facts as well as figures have been also engaging to parse when it comes to Olympic food.Here have been a few numerals to know about what, how as well as where athletes around a world will eat in a Olympic encampment at a Rio de Janeiro Games this summer:2:number of (American) football fields a Olympic athletes encampment dining room will equal in size1:number of football fields a kitchen for which dining hall will equal, size-wise60,000:number of meals a encampment kitchen will hope for for athletes daily460,000:number of pounds of tender ingredients delivered daily to furnish those meals4 million:number of biodegradable plates upon which meals will be served18,000:number of athletes, coaches as well as staff members who will eat their meals in a dining room31:number of unit towers in which athletes will be housed in a Olympic village10,160:number of bedrooms they will occupy5:number of buffets from which diners may choose (Brazilian, Asian, International, Pasta as well as Pizza, as well as Halal as well as Kosher)40:varieties of exotic Brazilian fruits upon offer at a dining hall (caju, acai, carambola, caqui, goiaba, maracuja as well as more)20:number of food testings a Rio Olympics director of food as well as beverages, Marcello Cordeiro, as well as his staff will hold to hope for a final menus prior to a Games begin upon Aug. 520:number of chefs upon Cordeiros staff0:amount of steroids or ingredients which could cause an athlete to exam positive for doping which a food will contain. To assure which our ingredients have been giveaway of steroids as well as other kinds of chemicals, you have been making sure our suppliers have all a certificates which have been demanded by our national food as well as drug agency, Cordeiro told a Associated Press. People dont know how formidable it is to put out safe food. We know which this is a very sensitive subject which could influence a result or an athletes medal.100: Percent you have been excited to watch a games!Photo courtesy of iStock