Goleta Beach Park is Open: Celebrate Summer 

Goleta Beach Meeting Areas

We live in paradise. Santa Barbara experiences summer (warm) conditions pretty much all year long.  It’s so mild and temperate and we know that we are spoiled so much that our reaction to a little cold (okay, cool) weather, has our weather forecasters exaggerating the conditions. 

Despite our consistent mild Southern-Central California weather, our beaches have been and can be damaged by the storms.  The Goleta Beach and Park had limited access due to storm damage and the County of Santa Barbara and community at large have put a great deal of thought, planning and effort into making it safe from future storms, renovating beaches and parks and creating accessibility for all!


To avoid future damage to our beaches and structures, the County installed 1200 feet of rock revetment.  

Goleta Beach Sand Berm

According to the County of Santa Barbara, “A revetment is a sloping structure made up of large rocks and other materials placed on banks or cliffs to absorb the energy of incoming water”.  Further, it does not prevent coastal access and is located away from the surf. 

In addition, according to the County of SB website:  “The California Coastal Commission approved an emergency permit for the County of Santa Barbara to construct a winter sand berm along approximately 2,400 feet of Goleta Beach. Construction of the berm was completed in December 2015 and will be continually maintained through May 2016.  The berm will help prevent major flooding and damage to park infrastructure, including sanitary sewer, electrical and water lines, recreational facilities, restaurant, two restrooms, BBQ pits, picnic areas and play structures.” 

Further, lifeguards are anchored at the beach.  While visiting the beach and park, you may even see them training there!

History and Access – A Reason to Celebrate

The Goleta Beach was opened in 1943 and has 1.5 million visitors a year! 

Goleta Beach Lifeguard Trainning

Goleta Beach Lifeguard Trainning

There are so many other reasons to celebrate summer in Santa Barbara and Goleta!  One of the many things that makes our community like paradise is the recreation available to us – our parks, hiking trails, beaches and just the amazing nature that surrounds us.  Goleta Beach and Park are one of our favorite spots!  Just down the road from UCSB, visitors can enjoy:

  • No cost recreation, FREE parking
  • Coastal access
  • Bike Route/Path
  • Playground and area for children
  • Picnic tables and bbq areas
  • Walks on the pier
  • City Bus Stop
  • Kayak and surf and paddle board rentals and lessons
  • Restrooms
  • And Sunsets of course!


Good Eats

Besides walks on the beach and watching the sunset from the pier, another addition to one of our favorite beach parks is the Beachside Bar and Café.  They offer Santa Barbara and Goleta’s best seafood dishes, amazing cocktails and local beer and a view of the ocean, surfers, and pier.  The Restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating.  One of the things that locals and tourists love (besides the delicious food and view) – they play oldies music! 

So, celebrate summer like the locals do (all year)!  See you at the beach!